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Facilities For Special Needs Students

Facilities for Special Needs Students

The Unit for Special Needs Students, which was established in 2006 by Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs, organizes individual group studies about rehab of students and reducing students’ anxiety for future. The unit gives information about work placement and helps students make contact with related foundations and associations. The unit offers scholarship opportunities for the students with special needs. The studies are conducted to create appropriate facilities for the students identifying academic, administrative, physical, psychological, accommodation and social necessities.


Unit of Special Needs Students




e-mail: akaratas@sakarya.edu.tr

Phone: 0 264 295 52 53

Fax: 0 264 295 52 46



Psychological Counselling

The unit, serving since 2003, has two psychologists. It is a professional service that provides counselling on some issues such as adaptation to university, stress management, coping with anxiety, communication skills and effective ways to study. Students are able to make appointments to discuss their personal, familial and friendship (social) problems. Interviews are held daily between 09.00 am – 05.00 pm. The unit also offers help for academic and administrative staff.