Student Societies

Nowadays it is clear that employers are looking for people who are capable of improving themselves, raising their awareness, participating in social activities, thinking critically and having effective communication skills. For this reason, Sakarya University, supporting every kind of sportive, cultural, artistic and scientific activities, has 98 student societies. Students take advantage of numerous societies that appeal to their interests. Student societies are listed below:


Advanced technologies application community (SAITEM)

Music Society

Theatre Society

Industrial Engineering Society

Computing Society

Environmental Engineering Society

Mechanical Engineering Society

Materials Sciences Society

Electrical-Electronic Eng. Society

Tema Student Society

Europe Student Society

Young Administrators Society

Human Resources-Career Society

International Relations Society

History Society

Besiktas Fans Society

Turcology Society

Sociology Society

Tourism Society

Automotive-Mechatronics Society

Informatics Society

Construction Technology Society

Folklore Society

Football Society

Healthy Life Society

International Trade Society

Surface Technology-Eng. Society

Disabled Students Society

Bridge Society

Finance Society

Physics Society

Fantasy Roleplaying-Anime Society

Young Entrepreneur Society

Philosophy Society

Personal Development Society

Young Teachers Society


Media and Organization Society

Strategic-Social Research Society

Glass Society

Rock Society

Turkish Education Society

Biology Society

Geography Society

Social Service Society

Math-Intelligent Games Society

Robot Technologies Society

Education Technologies Society

Bird watching Society

Erasmus-Int. Students Society

Photography Society

Young Fenerbahce Fans Society

Community Volunteers Society

Motorsport and Off-road Society

Galatasaray Fans Society

Psychological Counsellors Society

Business and Economy Society

Advertising and Marketing Society

Radio Broadcasting Society

Chemistry Society

Trabzonspor Fans Society

Ataturkist Ideology Society

Food Engineering Society

Allegory and Poem Society

Technology - Production Society

Uni.-Industry Collaboration Society

Labour Economics Society

Social Politics Society

Public Relations Society

Communication Society

Assistance to Villages Society

Underwater Sports Society


Drama Society

Family Engagement Society

Healthy Aging and Therapy Society

Handcrafted Toys Society

Turkish-German Culture Society

Waste Management Society

Nature Sports Society

Journalism Society

A World without Smoking Society

Alternative Sports Society

Sports Management Society

Civil Engineering Society

Sau Internet Society

Earth Sciences-Research Society

Sau Dance Society

Innovation Society

Young Vision Society

Economy – Political Society

Recreational Activities Society 

Sakaryaspor Fans Society

Tennis Society

Science-Technology Society

Turkish World Student Society

International Logistics Society

Young Intellectuals Society

Kızılay Society

Graffiti Society

Wisdom House Society

Animal Rights Society

Free-thinking Society

Scientific Researches Society

Cinema Society

Research-Development Society

Political Synergy Society

Amateur Operators Society